Common Cleaning Mistakes


Common Cleaning Mistakes

There are a lot of mistakes made when it comes to keeping homes and offices clean. It might seem simple enough to just put some soap and water in a bucket and wipe down surfaces, but there if you really want to get things clean, you need to avoid a few common mistakes.

Commercial cleaning and office cleaning professionals are usually all too familiar with creating a clean environment. Many of the tricks the pros used can be used in your own home to keep things clean. Start by avoiding common mistakes made when wiping surfaces. Make sure you use a natural cleaner that is right for the specific surface.

All-purpose solutions work great on most things but might leave mirrors streaky. Shop carefully for products and make sure you are using the right products for the right purpose. Also, buy low chemical solutions whenever possible.

Make sure you work your way down when getting a room clean. Start at the ceiling and dust cobwebs out of corners. Wipe down the walls and countertops and then move onto the floor. This way any debris knocked onto the floor will be vacuumed or mopped up at the end of your job.

Countertops and floors should not be cleaned with bleach, only to disinfect it. Start with a mixture of soap and water or a gentle cleanser. Dirt needs to be removed before disinfecting. Otherwise, germs can linger. Both items should be used together to create the cleanest situation possible.

Having a carpet cleaned can be a mistake, but only if it is done incorrectly. Carpet and the padding beneath it need to be kept as dry as possible. A professional service is able to get the carpet clean without causing problems with mold and mildew.

Unfortunately, some homeowners are so worried about causing harm to carpets, so they neglect to get them clean.
Getting the grout clean in your bathroom is one of the most overwhelming tasks there is when housecleaning. The wall should be washed with soap and water, and then you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean the mildew from the grout. The process takes a long time and household materials do not accomplish as much as professional services.

Finally, do not forget the maintenance aspects of getting your home clean. Clean out gutters, remove yard waste, power wash the exterior of your home, as well as patios and decks, and keep windows clean. These tasks can usually be done two to four times per year, but are just as important as the things you do inside the home on the weekly or daily basis.

Remember that keeping a home clean is just as important as keeping a home tidy. Germs and diseases grow in homes that are not clean. Just because your house looks nice and is organized does not mean it is actually clean. Take time to clean out the dirt and you will have a healthy, happy home.

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